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7:30 PM
The Millenials Mass - Christoph Zimper

Christoph Zimper: The Millennials Mass

Premiere performance and album release concert

Chamber music | Lieder & singing | Concert | Young people | Adults

Clarinettist and composer Christoph Zimper wrote “The Millennials Mass” to give voice to those many young people who yearn for a spiritual home. The piece is a cross-genre work for ten musicians, structured in the form of a Latin Mass. Whilst not aiming to be a religious piece in itself, it tells of young people’s search of for a spiritual refuge.
The vision behind the project is to shrink the seemingly unbridgeable gap that exists between young people and the institution of the Church, and to reflect on the question to which both sides seek an answer: namely, the meaning of life. Also on the programme: Kirill Kobantschenko’s Plattform K+K Vienna give the premiere performance of another Zimper composition, his quartet piece “I don’t like baby elephants”. The evening also features two more of Zimper’s chamber music works: his quintet “The Pilgrimage”, and his “Quartett zur Wende der Zeit”. Zimper has released as an album on the Col-Legno label which includes The Millennials’ Mass, Quartett zur Wende der Zeit and The Pilgrimage. This evening marks the album’s premiere.

Christoph Zimper:

Quartett für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klarinette, „I don’t like baby elephants“ (Uraufführung)

„The Millennials Mass“ (Uraufführung)

Christoph Zimper Klarinette, Vocals
Christoph Ehrenfellner Violine
Oliver Pastor Violine
Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg Viola
Marie Spaemann Violoncello, Vocals
Felipe Medina Kontrabass
Sabina Hasanova Klavier
Romana Amerling Vocals
Bryan Brenner Vocals
Thomas Toppler Schlagzeug und Vibraphon
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  • Kinder und Jugendliche Kategorie A | 20,00 €
  • Kinder und Jugendliche Kategorie B | 15,00 €
  • Kinder und Jugendliche Kategorie C | 9,00 €
  • Loge | 49,00 €
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