SU 04.
4:00 PM
Der gestiefelte Kater


Fairy tale by César Cui

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Once upon a time …there was a very clever cat, whose wit and cunning gained him not only land and a castle, but also the hand of a beautiful princess.

Hans was the poor son of a miller. When his father died, Hans wasn’t bequeathed a mill or a mule like his brothers; all he inherited was a cat. Bemoaning his fate, Hans was thinking of skinning the cat for its fur. But then he had a big surprise. Not only could the cat talk – he even asked for a pair of boots and a large sack. And he promised Hans that he would bring him good fortune! How did Puss in Boots manage all this? Come along and find out!

CÉSAR CUI Der gestiefelte Kater (Kot i Sapogach), Märchenoper in zwei Akten nach dem gleichnamigen Märchen von Charles Perrault

Schüler:innen des Oberstufenrealgymnasiums der Wiener Sängerknaben  
Studierende im Vorbereitungslehrgang Tanz MUK unter der Leitung von Vera-Viktoria Szirmay Ballett
Manolo Cagnin und David Jussel Dirigenten
Alena Hoffmann Bühnenbild
Barbara Palmetzhofer Regie und künstlerische Leitung
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