FR 31.
7:30 PM
Martin Schwab


Martin Schwab and Merlin Ensemble Wien

Chamber music | Concert | Play | Reading | Adults

The tale of Dr Johann Faust, trapped until his dying day by the pact he made with the devil, has its roots in popular legend. In this production, versions written over a span of four centuries reveal different aspects of the story. We hear the words of Marlowe, Hesse, and Lenau, while Beethoven, Liszt and Schumann spin a musical web which stretches to the edge of madness.

Lenau, the gifted amateur violinist, Beethoven devotee and lover of Hungarian folk music, uses words to paint intense, profound images of the human soul. In his music Liszt described the conflict between demonic powers and divine grace as no-one else could. Liszt returned again and again to the Faust theme, including in his Faust Symphony. We see the narrator himself seemingly take on the forms of Faust and Mephistopheles, and seemingly change into a demon violinist … The ending is hidden in the music.

Historia von Doktor Johann Fausten mit Musik und Dichtung um FRANZ LISZT und NIKOLAUS LENAU

Martin Schwab Mephisto, Faust und Erzähler
Merlin Ensemble Wien:  
Martin Walch Leitung und Violine, szenische Einrichtung
Till A. Körber Klavier, Komposition, Bearbeitung und Texteinrichtung

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