FR 11.
5:00 PM
Wiener Sängerknaben


A benefit concert by the Vienna Boys’ Choir for the children of Ukraine

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Our 11th March concert was originally planned as a performance of classical choral works, with the simple title “Classical”. The event has now been entirely dedicated to the children of Ukraine. Deeply shocked by the unfolding war, the Vienna Boys’ Choir want to help out too! So the proceeds from this concert are going to the children of Ukraine, our neighbours in need. The Choir has waived its fee, and MuTh is donating all ticket receipts to the cause. Additional donations would be greatly appreciated.

The programme has been revised, and now features music on the themes of peace and common humanity. An example is the song “Dona Dona”; made famous by Joan Baez, it was written by Sholom Secunda, who was born in Ukraine in 1894.

The centrepiece of the concert is a work which the Choir have rehearsed specially for this event. Written by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontowytsch, “Smert” is a poetic piece of choral music, an elegy on the struggle with fate and death. The young choristers have also been seeking out Ukrainian music for themselves, and unearthed a little gem: “Hej, Sokoli” (Oh, Falcon) describes the singer’s longing for Ukraine. It’s “a marvellous little song, and a real earworm”.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir take the stage for most of the concert; but the programme also features Chorus Juventus (the mixed youth choir), the Elevenchor (Vienna Boys’ Student Choir), and, of course, the “Vienna Girls’ Choir” This is the first time the Vienna Girls’ Choir has performed under its new name. Together, they will all perform the final chorus from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, as an expression of hope.



Schlusschor aus BEETHOVENS 9. Symphonie

und viele weitere Lieder für Frieden, Gemeinsamkeit und Hoffnung

Wiener Sängerknaben Chor
Manuel Huber Dirigent
Chorus Juventus Chor
Oliver Stech Dirigent
Daniel Erazo Dirigent
Elevenchor Chor
Kirlianit Cortes Dirigent
Gerald Wirth Künstlerische Leitung
Wiener Chormädchen Chor

„Wir hoffen vor allem, dass viele Leute kommen und spenden.“ Sängerknabe Philipp

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