TU 25.
7:30 PM
Matthias Schorn


Matthias Schorn & Alumni

Chamber music | New music | Classic | Concert | Adults

More clarinets than you could ever imagine! Matthias Schorn, Vienna Philharmonic player and lecturer at the MUK (the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna), invites you to come along to his 10-year class reunion. MUK graduates such as Frederic Alvarado-Dupuy (Federspiel), Andrea Götsch (Vienna Philharmonic), Daniel Hochstöger (Dresden Philharmonic), Thomas Lukschander (Joseph Haydn Konservatorium Eisenstadt), Benjamin Feilmair (Rheinische Philharmonie Koblenz) and many more have all come together for a truly exciting event. The evening falls somewhere between a concert and a show, with folk songs, contemporary pieces, and improvised music. A great reunion – not to be missed!

Musik von LEOŠ JANÁČEK, KALEVI AHO u.a. sowie Volksweisen, Selbstgemachtes, Improvisiertes

Matthias Schorn Klarinette
Frederic Alvarado-Dupuy Klarinette
Andrea Götsch Klarinette
Daniel Hochstöger Klarinette
Thomas Lukschander Klarinette
Benjamin Feilmair u.a. Klarinette
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