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Listening to nature | concert and audio walk | CLOSE UP – music at close quarters | curated by Irene Suchy

New music | Out of the ordinary | Concert | Education | 8+ | Adults | School, primary level | School, secondary level

Amid heightened awareness of nature, not merely as an idyllic backdrop but as a precious asset imperilled by crisis, the “Klima.Krise.Klingt” concert, led by conductor Jean Beers and the ReAlm Ensemble, serves as a poignant musical reflection on nature and the climate crisis. The first part of the programme begins with Luciano Berio’s “Brin” and “Wasserklavier”, followed by Rebecca Saunders’ “Flesh” – a vocally and musically virtuoso performance that brings the final monologue of Molly Bloom from James Joyce’s “Ulysses” to life. Georg Crumb’s “Makrokosmos” offers a cosmic perspective, stretching from space to Earth, as it explores the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. Each piece in the cycle is uniquely characterized by zodiac signs.

The ReAlm Ensemble also performs two improvised pieces: “Hearing inside”, based on collages of Viennese city and nature sounds, and “Animal Farm”, an interaction with the audience that focuses on the animal world and nature sounds. A short interactive workshop invites the audience to become part of the musical exploration themselves.

In the second part of the programme, visitors will be taken to the Augarten for a “Sound Walk”. This experience highlights the rich diversity of sounds, their varied textures, and the potential to discover beauty and tranquillity amidst the bustling urban cacophony. It is an invitation to listen to the world with new ears and to deepen the communal experience of listening, which creates closeness and connects people both with the environment and with each other.

Musik von GEORGE CRUMB, LUCIANO BERIO, REBECCA SAUNDER, JEAN BEERS und ein Soundwalk durch den Augarten

Valeriia Dolhikh Klavier
Elisabeth Müller Akkordeon
Oliver Benoit Gesang (Counter Tenor)
Jean Beers Musikalische Leitung, Klavier
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