FR 04.
7:30 PM
Gerald Preinfalk

LIEBER KLARINETTE STATT SAXOPHON (Rather a clarinet than a saxophone)

Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” in a new guise | Curated by Gerald Preinfalk

Chamber music | Orchestral music | Jazz | Concert | Adults

Many people are familiar with Vivaldi’s violin concerto “Le quattro stagioni”. And many also know “Five Seasons”, with Eddie Daniels playing the violin part on clarinet. This recording impressed Preinfalk, and awoke in him a desire to forge his own way through the “Seasons”. Preinfalk entrusted the virtuoso violin part – performed in Wiener Klangstil (the Viennese style of orchestral sound) – to clarinettist Stefan Neubauer, while putting himself into the mix as an improviser, along with a new take on the Eddie Daniels arrangement. This multi-seasonal friction between the Vienna sound and the sound of jazz can be experienced first-hand here at MuTh.


ANTONIO VIVALDI Le Quattro Stagioni (Arrangement: Eddie Daniels, Gerald Preinfalk)

Stefan Neubauer Klarinette (Vivaldi)
Gerald Preinfalk Klarinette, Bassklarinette (Tristano)
Miloš Milojević Klarinette (Tristano)
Arevik Ivanyan 1. Violine (Vivaldi)
Judith Tiefenthaler 2. Violine (Vivaldi)
Magdalena Rychetsky Viola (Vivaldi)
Michael Dallinger Violoncello (Vivaldi)
Franz Schaden Kontrabass
Georg Vogel Klavier (Tristano)
Iren Seleljo Cembalo (Vivaldi)
Matheus Jardim Drums

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