MO 27.
7:30 PM
Marisol Montalvo


An American Dream?

Musical theatre | Lieder & singing | Classic | Concert | Adults

New York-born Marisol Montalvo is an American of Puerto Rican descent. After her parents separated, Marisol’s mother raised her and her seven siblings by herself. They grew up in New York, in very basic living conditions.

Marisol was still a child when she first discovered the magic of the stage and the thrill of singing. And so began one of the most amazing careers that the world of opera has ever seen.

A one-time Miss New York, Marisol became one of the most sought-after interpreters of the role of Lulu. Her career took her to the greatest opera houses and concert halls of the world: to Zurich, Vienna and Paris, and back home to New York. Audiences were enchanted by her voice, her beauty and her personality. On the surface, everything seemed to be working smoothly. But her anxiety, her inability to concentrate, and the constant and increasing pressures of life in the operatic world meant she was growing increasingly unbalanced. However, instead of taking time out, she pushed on relentlessly without a break. She worked her vocal chords so hard that they started to bleed. She suppressed her pain with squirts of cortisone – far too much cortisone. She collapsed, and it seemed her career was over. And her life too? No, not with Marisol. Her will to live, and her joy in living, brought her back from the edge. And she learned who she it, and what she has, and what she wants. Prepare yourself for an evening packed full of energy. An evening with a powerful message: no matter how far we fall, we all have the chance to get up again and carry on. An evening of wide-ranging emotions, and a wealth of music. An evening that will uplift and inspire. An evening with Marisol Montalvo.

Please note: most of this event takes place in English.


Marisol Montalvo Sopran
Werner Lemberg Klavier
Jeffery Robertson, Marisol Montalvo Buch
Otto Jankovich Regie
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