SU 23.
7:00 PM
Nai Oriental Orchestra


The Nai Oriental Orchestra and hosts

Jazz | World Music | Concert | Adults

In this concert the Nai Oriental Orchestra presents a programme which includes contemporary Arabic music and song, traditional Syrian songs, and Eastern jazz. Their hosts are the artists George Nehme, Mais Harb and Lynn Adib. “Our aim is to build bridges between different cultures, nationalities, and religions, to help communication. When we perform, we want to take our audience to a magical place where poetry, music, religion and identity are so intertwined that speech no longer has a part to play. The music becomes everything, and can cure the very soul.” The Verein für Arabische Österreichische Frauen (Association for Arabic Austrian Women) is proud of its ongoing projects in the spheres of culture, art, literature, and education. Their aim is to establish connections between expatriates and refugees on one side and Austrian society on the other, so that these links can promote mutual understanding and encourage integration while still respecting individual identities.

Presented by: Verein für Arabische Österreichische Frauen (Association for Arabic Austrian Women)

Traditionelle syrische Lieder, Oriental Jazz und arabische Lieder

Nai Oriental Orchestra  
George Nehme, Mais Harb und Lynn Adib Gastgeber:innen
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  • Kategorie D | 75,00 €
  • Loge | 180,00 €
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