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Preparatory Course in Dance

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MUK/tanzt/juniors presents a performance by dancers from the Preparatory Course in Dance at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. The young dance students present a varied programme featuring routines from the dance disciplines taught – classical dance and improvisation, contemporary dance, historical dance, character dance, acrobatic dance and rhythmic dance. This offers the audience a glimpse into the broad spectrum of dance training at the MUK, providing an opportunity to witness the dancers’ infectious enthusiasm first-hand.
The choreographies evolved through a collaborative creative process in which Preparatory Course in Dance teaching staff — Katharina Czernin, Margit Legler, Lucian Necsea, Nora Schnabl-Andritsch, Jolantha Seyfried, Nina Swoboda, Vera-Viktoria Szirmay, Audrey Van Herck, Marijke Wagner, together with their guest Matilde Ceron — worked side-by-side with the young dancers from MUK/tanzt/juniors under their tutelage.

Lehrende und Studierende der MUK
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