SA 13.
7:30 PM
Frank Hoffmann & Kollegen


The legend of the ocean pianist, originally scheduled with Frank Hoffmann.

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The “hero” of the story is a foundling child, who is discovered as an infant on an ocean liner and raised on board by an engine room stoker. His name comes from the year in which he was found: Novecento (= 1900). The adolescent Novecento discovers a piano in the ship’s ballroom, and teaches himself to play it – perfectly.

He comes to the attention of piano player Jelly Roll Morton, the King of Ragtime, a man not known for his modesty. Morton invites him to a Ragtime piano competition. We won’t reveal exactly how that turns out. But Novecento will never leave the ship. At least that’s how the Italian author scripted this marvellous story with its tragic ending. Alessandro Baricco’s drama has proved to be a lucky find, indeed an absolute gift for the talents of actor Frank Hoffmann and his musician friends.

Please note: It is now intended to hold a memorial for Frank Hofmann with some of his friends and colleagues on the evening scheduled for this event. More information will be provided at a later date.

Lesung aus ALESSANDRO BARICCOS Monolog „Novecento“, mit theatralischen Effekten und viel Musik

Michael Köhlmeier Rezitation
Martin Gasselsberger Klavier
Klaus Dickbauer Klarinette, Saxophon
Roland Kramer Kontrabass
Gerald Endstrasser Schlagzeug
Michael Köhlmeier
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