MO 09.
7:00 PM
Ruth Childs / Lucinda Childs - Scarlett´s (CH/US)

Pastime/ Carnation/ Museum Piece

ImPulsTanz 2021

Dance | Performance | Festival | Specials | Adults

Step back in time to the early days of New York’s postmodern dance scene. Get a sense of how it was when everything was just beginning to open up, and dancers seemed to be discovering new movements on a daily basis. Lucinda Childs was a pioneer of the form, and founded the Judson Dance Theater at the beginning of the 1960s, . For a contemporary audience, it is an extraordinary piece of luck that such an iconic dancer and choreographer as Childs should have a close relative who is so highly gifted in the same art form as her niece Ruth Childs. Since there are no film records of her early Judson pieces, the older Childs has passed on three of the dances from that time to the younger artist. Pastime (1963) was Lucinda Childs’ very first solo piece. Carnation (1965) is familiar to European audiences; unlike Museum Piece (1965), an ironic dance set within the circus of George Seurat’s painting Le Cirque. Ruth Childs dances these pieces with wit, coolness and respect, but also puts her own unique mark on them. To make the evening complete, video recordings of two more dances will be shown: Calico Mingling And Katema.
Austrian premiere
This performance lasts 60 minutes

Ruth Childs / Lucinda Childs - Scarlett’s (CH/US)
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