TH 11.
7:30 PM
Otto M. Zykan


Chamber opera pasticcio with onion, by Otto M. Zykan and Michael Mautner.

Opera | Musical theatre | Concert | Adults

Singer sewing machines are the best.

Paul van Ostaijen was inspired to write his 1921 ode to Singer when his friend, the poet Floris Jespers, bought one of their sewing machines. In 1966 Otto M. Zykan used this text as the basis for his “Singer opera”. When he asked the Singer Company to provide either financial or moral support, his request was declined. This response had a significant influence on the plot of his “Opera, or Ode, or Opera-Ode”.

Only fragments of Zykan’s “Opera-Ode” have survived. Irene Suchy has gathered together all the available pieces of the puzzle, while composer Michael Mautner has filled in the gaps and brought the whole work up-to-date. The programme also includes pieces by Kurt Schwitters, who was something of a forerunner of — and a template for — the Dadaists, including the “Schmäh” (cheap trick) avant-garde in Austria. His work contains an impressive range of vocal utterances, delivered with relish.

This event offers a kaleidoscope of scenes and songs, both comic and absurd, on various topics: the consumer society, the advertising industry, and artificiality, all set against the background of politics.

Konzertante Installation der „Singer-Oper“ von OTTO M. ZYK AN auf Basis der 1921 entstandenen „Ode an Singer“ des belgischen Surrealisten PAUL VAN OSTAIJEN. Texte von PAUL VAN OSTAIJEN, OTTO M. ZYK AN und KURT SCHWITTERS. Ergänzt und aktualisiert von MICHAEL MAUTNER.

Anna Hauf & Johanna Falkinger 2 singende Darstellerinnen
Tore Denys, Gernot Heinrich, Bartolo Musil 3 darstellende Sänger
Albert Sassmann Klavier
Kevan Teherani Schlagwerk
Joanna Lewis Violine
Anne Harvey-Nagl Violine
Marta Potulska Viola
Mara Achleitner Cello
Irene Suchy Dramaturgie
Michael Mautner Musikalische Leitung
Mathijs de Ridder Rezitation Flämisch-Deutsch

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Michael Mautner
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