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Clementine d’Orleans – the royal influencer

Musical theatre | Lieder & singing | Concert | Young people | Adults

As the nineteenth century ended and the twentieth began, Clementine was Grande Dame of Vienna’s Coburg palace. But in fact there was much more to her than that. Clementine was an early adopter of certain practices – social interaction, subtle manipulation, artful decision-making – that today would be widely associated with Social Media. The principles of self-promotion and maintaining a presence were the same then as they are now. “Social Media” is not a new invention. However, today the means, tools, and speed of communication have all changed (and still are changing) so dramatically that no end is yet in sight. UNE MADAME is a musical collage in which artists from PERFORMING ACADEMY, one of the leading school of its kind in the German-speaking world, approach the Social Media phenomenon in a manner which is both entertaining and artistic. Supported by a live band, they present a one-of-a-kind musical which draws unusual parallels between the world back then and the world today.

Jürgen Kapaun Buch
Erik Petersen Regie
Sabine Arthold Choreographie
Brigitte Huber-Mader Kostüme
David Schieber Musikalische Leitung
Liviana Degen, Anna Rosa Döller, Elisabeth Kneissl, Stephanie Löblich, Yannicka Mraz, Carolina Murg, Ladina Rupp, Carolin Christin Scheicher, Lisa-Kimberly Schöppl, Laura Tairovic Hauptrollen
Theresa Barborik, Anna-Maria Grobauer, Ann-Kathrin Lehrner, Julia Sofie Odpadlik, Antonia Tröstl Nebenrollen
David Schieber Klavier, Keyboard
David Mandlburger Gitarre
Jakob Bachbauer Bass
Robin Weber Schlagzeug
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  • Kategorie A | 45,00 €
  • Kategorie B | 39,00 €
  • Kategorie C | 25,00 €
  • Loge | 59,00 €
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