MO 11.
8:00 PM
Nadav Abukasis


With Nadav Abukasis

Cabaret | Lecture | Adults

Nadav Abukasis brings his personal story to the MuTh stage, in a show which blends his sharp-wittedness and intelligence with his altogether beguiling manner.

He talks about the influence of Social Media, and how a whole host of technologies affect modern family life. He explains why father-son relationships are not always straightforward, and shows how it is still possible, even with children and a very busy diary, to become established as a stand-up comedian.

Nadavs Abuksis’ show offers audience members a great opportunity to think about their own views and beliefs, or to simply revel in his energetic presence and lively humour.

A light-hearted evening’s entertainment is guaranteed – along with a cheerful, contented smile all the way home. Not to be missed on any account!

Note: this event takes place in Hebrew

Ticket prices:
  • Kategorie A | 39,00 €
  • Kategorie B | 29,00 €
  • Kategorie C | 22,00 €
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