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Wiener Saengerknaben Konzertsaal, Vienna 2013, photograph © Helmut Karl Lackner

To build means to make changes

The process of building changes what existed before by adding and subtracting.

Architecture is first and foremost an act of creation which takes place in both the brain and the gut.The project location and the brief have a significant impact; the process develops through the planning stage in the form of models, and continues to progress through to its concrete realisation in the direct reality of the building.

As well as the actual construction brief, the work is influenced by the immediate spatial context and the content, history, functional relationships and reciprocal connections which already exist within that context. In itself the process of building always carries within it –as well as what is intended – a social and political dimension; we have already had intensive experience of this in the “Augartenspitz” project. Hence the builder bears the responsibility for ensuring change is positive. That takes courage. That creates resistance.

Good architecture opens up possibilities and in so doing can support positive developments; it creates the “shell”; it defines the space for activities, it creates new connections and it guarantees quality. But a building only comes to life through people, through being put to a multitude of uses, and through an open, welcoming atmosphere.

The Concert Hall changes the Augarten – through it, the Park gains an important boost to its cultural impetus, and areas of the Augarten that were previously closed have now been made accessible to the wider public.

The Concert Hall also changes the Vienna Boys’ Choir – it provides a centre for music and theatre which, for the first time, offers them their own space for rehearsal and performance, and opens up exciting new vistas and possibilities for them.  Building means learning

With ten years in its planning and construction, this has been a stormy voyage. At times we were almost overwhelmed by the waves – but now the ship has finally returned to Augarten, her home port, and she is safely moored at the “Spitz”. And now we can hand her over. Let the architecture play its part, and help this new centre for music and theatre shine its light far beyond the boundaries of Vienna.

Architects Johannes Kraus and Michael Lawugger

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Wiener Saengerknaben Konzertsaal, Vienna 2013, photograph © Helmut Karl Lackner