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Technik MuTh

The following is a summary of the main facilities available to visiting companies. More detailed equipment lists can be supplied if needed.

Stage equipment:
The proscenium opening measures 12m wide by 6m high. A 16:9 format canvas drop, suitable for various types of video projection, can be lowered behind the house curtain. The orchestra pit can be raised and lowered. It houses around 25 musicians; alternatively, it may be used to extend the stage area forwards by 3.5m. The orchestra shell, which incorporates ceiling panels, produces an outstanding acoustic for unamplified musical performances. Five drop winches and three lighting bars (each fitted with brackets for 12 dimmable lights) are mounted above the stage. These can be used for projection screens, backdrops, curtains and stage lighting. Our stage also features a cyclorama curtain track and six trap doors located in the downstage area.

Lighting equipment:
The lighting system, which incorporates 128 dimmer circuits, is controlled by an ETC Gio with an ETC Ion back-up desk. An array of PCs, Fresnels and zoom profiles – all from ETC or ADB, and in excellent condition – are mounted on our three stage trusses, portal bridge, auditorium lighting bridge and auditorium truss, thereby providing a classic stage lighting set-up. Our remote-controlled Robe moving lights – 8 LED wash 800s, 3 LED profile spots and 2 HMI profile spots – will bring any event to life in a flood of colour.

Sound equipment:
MuTh is equipped with a high-quality Kling & Freitag stereo and surround-sound system. There are loudspeakers positioned on the proscenium, in the centre cluster, at the rear of the stage, and to the sides and rear of the auditorium. Up to seven monitor speakers and two sidefills are available for stage monitoring. Stereo signals can also be played back in 5.1 surround sound, using the “upmix” function on the mixing desk.
Key I/O data:
60 mic inputs, 24 auxes, 6 body-worn devices, 30 headsets.
64-channel audio feed, 128-channel recording.
There is a mobile SSL interface with 8 mic inputs, 24 line inputs and 24 line outputs which can be accessed at various positions in the building.

Video equipment:
A Full HD projector, rated at 14,000 Lumen (ANSI), is mounted in a central position and linked by cable to the control booth. Films and images can be projected onto a canvas drop positioned behind the house curtain, or a projection screen in the stage area (which can be suspended in a variety of positions), or directly onto the set. A main camera, centrally positioned, relays a long-shot of all the activity on the stage to the adjoining rooms.
A portable, tripod-mounted HD camera enables you to make a high-quality audio/ video recording of your event or production.

There is an intercom station on the stage next to the stage manager’s position. This allows two-way communication with the control booth and the senior usher in the foyer. Announcements to the foyer and cloakrooms can also be made from here. For more simple events, the concert hall’s lighting can also be controlled from this position.