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Technical facilities at MuTh


At MuTh, our technical facilities are state-of-the-art. Here is a quick overview of the opportunities that these facilities provide.



The MuTh stage is exceptionally well-suited for concerts, musical theatre performances and dance productions. Thanks to our technical facilities, the stage is also ideal for film screenings, lectures and presentations. The proscenium opening measures 12m wide by 6m high, with a red house curtain positioned in front. The stage is 90cm high, and has steps that lead straight down into the auditorium if needed. We can assemble individual staging platforms in height increments of 20cm to accommodate a choir or an orchestra. Our 40m² orchestra pit has room for around 25 musicians. The pit can be raised and lowered. This means it can provide 42 additional seats in the stalls, or allow the artists an additional 40m² of apron area.

–          When the stage is being used for concerts, an acoustic wall – known as a shell – serves to fill the rear space, and provides the ideal acoustic backdrop. Its effect is enhanced by two acoustic ceiling panels located above the stage area. Like the auditorium, both the shell and the ceiling panels incorporate wood in their design, with the result that the stage area flows harmoniously into the concert hall space. There is ample provision of orchestra chairs, music stands and choir seating. The usable area of the stage is between 70m² and 90m², depending on where the acoustic shell is positioned. This increases to 110-130m² when the apron is included.

–          To serve as a backdrop in theatrical or dance productions, there is a choice of a black wooden panel, a black curtain, or black or white projection screens. All of these can be deployed in a variety of positions. The wooden stage floor is painted black. It has six trap doors, allowing dramatic entrances to be made from the understage. If required, a black synthetic floor, also known as “dance flooring”, can be laid across the entire stage area. Maximum stage area is 100m², or up to 140m² including apron.

–          There is a cinema projection screen available for use as a background or as a projection screen during lectures, presentations or film screenings. This is located directly behind the proscenium, and can be rolled up when required. The orchestra pit in front of the proscenium can also be used to give an additional usable stage area of around 50m².



MuTh lighting equipment includes the traditional array of PCs, Fresnels and profiles, made by ETC or ADB. Using our 128-channel dimmer system, this equipment delivers concert lighting with a classic yet warm feel. The quality of the reading light for musicians is a particular strong point. In addition, 25 dimmable music stand lights are available if needed. Our 8 Robe LED washes, 5 moving light spots and 12 LED PARs will bring a touch of magic to any event, and can flood the stage in a sea of different colours. The lighting equipment is controlled by an ETC GIO, but any other lighting control desk can be used to manage the lighting at MuTh.



MuTh is equipped with a high-quality Kling & Freitag PA system. Speakers are positioned at left, right and centre in the proscenium, plus a further 12 in the auditorium for surround-sound and other special effects. Up to 7 monitors are available for stage monitoring, along with 2 sidefills and a ceiling-mounted speaker. Up to 60 microphones can be connected to the SSL C100 mixer desk and their input can be recorded to hard disk. Ample quantities of headsets, wireless hand-held microphones and instrument microphones are available, to ensure every concert, musical, or other event can be filled with sound.



A Full HD projector, rated at 14,000 Lumen (ANSI), is mounted in a central position. Films and images can be projected onto the front cinema screen or onto one of the black or white projection screens which are positioned at various depths in the stage area. Each of these can rolled away individually. An Apple Mac Pro, with professional video software, serves as the input device. A portable, tripod-mounted Canon Full HD camera enables you to make a high-quality audio or video recording of your event or production.



The centrally-positioned main camera captures a long shot of events on stage which can be transmitted to adjoining rooms. The intercom next to the stage allows for two-way communication with the sound and lighting control stations, and also with three headset-equipped handsets. Announcements to the artistes’ areas and to the backstage area can also be made from the intercom station.


Data sheets containing full technical details can be downloaded here: