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Thu, 14. April 2016

Elke Hesse & Gerald Wirth

Elke Hesse & Gerald Wirth

When Ö1 recently asked me to give some thought to the subject of “Innehalten” (a moment for reflective pause), and then to share these thoughts with Ö1 listeners in their early-morning “Thought for the day” slot, it occurred to me that the very early morning may not be the ideal time of day to contemplate reflection. We constantly have to face up to the day’s work and tackle the challenges at hand. And now, as I sit at my desk and pen these lines to you, dear readers, it’s early morning once again and a pile of work is waiting for me. Nonetheless, I want to pause for a moment’s thought, and once more let my mind’s eye wander over all the lovely experiences that I have had with you over this last year, and in the years before that.

For example, the mother who saw her daughter on the stage for the very first time, in a marvellous production last year. As the girl’s mother, she was entitled to a discount on the price of admission. But she simply refused to accept the discount offer, and she absolutely insisted on paying the full price. This little incident not only shows that our audience are our most important supporters; it also shows that, in a world that always seems to run according to the same unchanging mechanisms, there are still moments that are different – moments which demonstrate that people still have clear values, and that they want to show that many things actually have value for them. Such moments – and there is a whole host of them, and they come to me, one evening after another, like little gifts – always give me pause for thought, and help me to see the day through different eyes. Of course, in some ways every performance is like a reflective pause. This is indeed a very beautiful and special part of an evening or afternoon spent at MuTh. And, to place even more emphasis on this aspect, we have put together a cycle which embodies this very topic, and takes as its subject the concept of pausing for reflection. You can learn more about this inside this booklet, which, dear readers, we have produced with you the audience very much in mind. I would like to thank those of you who have kindly made yourselves available to be photographed. On the following pages you will also find an exceptionally diverse programme and full information on our cycles, which this year include even more genres – you could say MuTh is becoming braver every year!

I very much look forward to seeing you again here at MuTh.
Yours, Elke Hesse