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The Madrigals have been in existence at Mountain View High School since 1998 when director Jill Denny joined the staff.  The Madrigals were founded in honor of Jack Lindsay, a retired teacher from Monta Vista High School in Cupertino who for decades inspired students through his teaching of choral music. Jill was once a part of that group as were 3 other current choral music teachers in the south bay area, so his legacy lives on.

Jill Denny has been teaching choir since 1986. Energetic, dedicated and enjoying the best job in the world, she loves working with students and helping them discover the importance of her motto: Every Voice Counts.

The Madrigals is an audition choir made up of mixed voices. These singers are selected for their musical talent, positive attitude, hard work ethic, and willingness to participate energetically within the group.  They perform a variety of musical styles ranging from Renaissance to Contemporary Pop songs.

The Madrigals travel internationally annually participating in choral festivals, and performance tours.  Some of their previous locations include: Brazil, Iceland, France, England, Italy, Costa Rica, Ireland, Croatia.

Now, performing at MuTh together with 2 great choirs from Wien: The Landesjugendchor and The Voice of Refugees Choir, both under the direction of Kerem Sezen.

The choirs look forward to the opportunity to share their music with you!

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  • Chor: Mountain View HS Choir
  • Landesjugendchor
  • Voice of Refugees Choir