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Reincarnation – von der Schattenseite zur Fülle des Lebens

Eine winzige Flamme genügt, um die tiefste Finsternis zu vertreiben: Das ist die Geschichte, die das Weltmusik-Musical der Künstlergruppe „Artzts without Borders“ erzählt: Eine junge Frau trifft die volle Härte des Lebens und schlittert in einen ausweglosen Schwebezustand zwischen Leben und Tod. Dank fremder Hände und Stimmen sieht sie wieder das Schöne im Leben und kann nun ihrerseits Licht und Wärme verbreiten. Die Geschichte einer Kerze, die angezündet sein will, verpackt in klassische, orientalische und zeitgenössische Musik.


“Reincarnation” is a musical that enables the audiences to understand the plight of refugees influx into nations throughout history.

The story follows young artists who are faced with the horrifying and devastating aftermath of war, forced to be uprooted from their homes and watch all that they held dear destroyed. However, these young artists choose to use their love of music to overcome loss and become ambassadors of resilience and undying hope.

This musical focuses on the importance of coexistence , love, hope and determination, and that through tolerance, understanding and acceptance they are able to achieve the impossible …. survive and inspire.

“Reincarnation” has been written by Osamah Al Basha, who comes from Yemen and has experienced the outset of the war that began in 2011. He experienced how neglecting the rising tensions between the inner communities in a society and the promotion of hate speech and divisiveness tears the social fabric and turns into violence, which further turns into an epidemic that devours everything and everyone. The measures then become about containment rather than treatment. That is why it is important to address the issue in its earlier stages to make sure that arguments turn into dialogues.

It is his firm believe that communities thrive by embracing differences and overcoming past grudges and preconceived notions. It is only by acceptance, tolerance and harmony that the world will survive this epidemic and vicious cycle of war and destruction.

The story is in the form of a melodramatic musical as music is a language that reaches out to several demographics in the audience, is open to interpretation, and emphasizes on the right emotions.


Karten: 45/40/25€, Loge 100€, Student Club, Kinder und Jugendliche 20€

  • Musik: Artzts without Borders
  • Buch und Regie: Osamah Al-Basha
  • Regie: Praveet Chandra