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Fri, 10. April 2020


Over the coming days and weeks we are assembling a number of contributions from artists who will appear at MuTh next season. There will be music, singing, reciting and dancing – be prepared for some surprises!


Franz Bartolomey

Greetings from Franz Bartolomey, who in 2020/21 will once again presenting a cycle at MuTh with his son Matthias Bartolomey.


フランツ・バルトロメイ氏 演奏   🙂


Russkaja + Franz Bartolomey “Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume” (Vienna, city of my dreams”)


Matthias Schorn + Christoph Gigler Oktavabstand

Matthias Schorn wants to offer everyone his encouragement. He will perform live at MuTh next season. Our new MuTh subscription tickets go on sale on 28th May!

Matthias Schorn plays “Tango Clubb” by Jarkko Riihimäki | SWEET SPOT


A video greeting from Elke Hesse

In this video message, Elke Hesse celebrates the start of #ClosedButActive. We have launched this initiative with “Nur MuTh! Stay strong!” as our byword, and will use this channel to keep you updated on the latest situation here at MuTh.

Die Reise des kleinen Prinzen (The Little Prince’s Travels)


An opera for children by Gerald Wirth, after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Suitable for children and young people aged 6 and over

“We can only see properly with our hearts. Our eyes cannot see what is truly important.” Since 1943, when these timeless thoughts were first expressed by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his tale “The Little Prince”, they have lost none of their force – quite the contrary! And this production has an equally current and contemporary impact. This is an opera for children, fashioned by Gerald Wirth from the story about the little interplanetary traveller who sets out to make some new friends.

This latest version now includes an additional role: a singing narrator, played here by the celebrated tenor Michael Schade.

This is a live recording of a production staged at MuTh.


An opera for children by Gerald Wirth, after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Libretto: Kirk Miles
Music: Gerald Wirth
A production by MuTh, the Vienna Boys’ Choir’s Concert Hall, 2018/19 season
Musical Director: Manolo Cagnin
Director: Philipp M. Krenn
Sets and costumes: Christian Tabakoff
Video: Bernd Kranebitter
Narrator: Michael Schade
The Little Prince: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Nathan / David
Astronomer: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Philipp / Timo
Rose: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Aloisa / Mae
Conceited man: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Bastian / Ryusei
King: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Simon
Businessman: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Philipp / Matthew
Lamplighter: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Lars / Sebastian
Geographer: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Mattheus / Maris
Fox: A soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Johanna / Mae
Vienna Boys’ Choir (Kapellmeister: Manolo Cagnin)
Vienna Boys’ Choir Primary School production (Kapellmeister: Alexander Jost)
The Vienna Boys’ Choir Girls’ Chorus (Conductor: Stefan Foidl)
Alexandra, Alyssa, Désirée, Elisabeth, Emilia, Nicole, Stephanie
Members of Chorus Juventus (Conductor: Michael Grohotolsky)
Schubert-Akademie (Co-ordinator: Matthias Eckart)



Five years of MuTh

A documentary (in German) about the first five years of MuTh.

This documentary by Hermann Aichwalder is a record on film of a voyage through time. It chronicles the journey that started with the building of the Vienna Boys’ Choir’s music centre, MuTh, at the Augartenspitz, right up to the present day.

The Director of MuTh, Elke Hesse, serves as our guide in the film, leading us through interviews with planners, technicians and artists. There are contributions from many fellow-travellers who accompanied us on the MuTh journey. They offer interesting insights and share their stories about how this musical venue became a success. In the process, they illustrate the glorious variety that is the essence of the venue and its “players”.

With: Elke Hesse, Gerald Wirth, Peter Pühringer, Georg Breinschmid, Volkhard Steude, Otto Jankovich, Harald Godula, Franz and Matthias Bartolomey and many more.


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