For your celebration, exhibition or performance

Have you ever booked an entire theatre?

Whether it’s for an artistic performance or a professional event – MuTh is highly adaptable. With its modern architecture, warm atmosphere, and state-of-the-art technology, MuTh is a popular location for all manner of events, from birthday celebrations to professional conventions. What’s more, the theatre is located at the geographic midpoint of Vienna. In this truly central position, MuTh is easily accessible via the U2 metro line. And you won’t find as good a sound in any other venue.

That’s your call!

Our stage can accommodate anything. It’s not only suitable for concerts, musical theatre, and dance. The MuTh stage also works well as a platform for talks and presentations, and is ideal for film screenings. Our stage can accommodate anything. It’s not only suitable for concerts, musical theatre, and dance. The MuTh stage also works well as a platform for talks and presentations, and is ideal for film screenings.

At the back of the stage, a textured wooden panel functions as both a visual and an acoustic background. Other equipment to dress the stage is available, including a black wooden panel, a black curtain, and a roll-up cinema screen. You can cover the stage with a dance floor. Or you can surprise your guests by mysteriously springing out from beneath the stage.

The stage – flexible size, flexible facilities

Stage dimensions: or 12 x 9 m bzw. 12 x 12,5 m (with orchestra pit raised to create apron stage)
Orchestra pit: 12 x 3,5 m
Full facilities for concerts and theatre productions, plus cinema projection screen

The auditorium – terraced stalls and a balcony, comfortable seats throughout, plus excellent lines of sight to the stage and a top-class acoustic

Concert hall capacity: 413 bzw. 371 seats
Fully accessible, 4 wheelchair spaces, box seats, stalls

The atelier – with a view onto the Augarten

Individual seating for up to 60 people

The tower-room – a small auditorium
Ideal for an exciting sideshow

Café Maximilian – make time for a quiet break

Space for 70 people – can be extended to include the patio and the atelier

Catering for up to 450 people

Outside area – ideal for catering or garden receptions

The foyer – a light and airy reception space

Artists’ dressing rooms – from individual dressing rooms to an orchestra dressing room, plus a cloakroom for public use

We look after your belongings and those of your guests

Box office – quick and easy check-in

Streaming for Business

Whether it’s a conference, training, kick-off event, or concert – we livestream your event from MuTh publicly or to a selected audience on various platforms such as YouTube, U-Stream, or Facebook. Stage lighting and sound meet the highest standards in a venue like ours. With multiple cameras and live video direction, we bring together up to 400 guests and speakers on-site with a virtual audience and remote presenters. However, we also offer basic streaming packages for small corporate events.

What is an Acoustic Shell?

The special, multi-faceted shape of the mobile stage backdrop – called an acoustic shell – is not only an attractive stage background, but also serves an important acoustic function. Together with the front stage sail, it ensures optimal sound projection from the stage to the audience area of the hall.
The hall’s main function is that of a music theater with an orchestra pit, but it is also suitable for other performances and events, such as rock or pop music, children’s operas, school events, and children’s group events.
The architecture follows the room acoustic concept of a chamber opera (or chamber music hall), equipped by the renowned office Quiring Consultants, with its high ceiling height required for the necessary room volume, the shape of the gallery and the back wall of the hall, and the avoidance of parallel surfaces.
The scaled side walls, the front stage sail, the orchestra shell, special seats, and the selection of materials ensure a sophisticated sound propagation and a wide-ranging sound in the visitor area.

Technology – State of the Art!

An optimally matched sound system by Kling&Freitag, including microphone setup, intercom, and headsets, Full-HD video projector with 14,000 Ansi lumens, Mac Pro with professional video software, mobile cameras with and without tripods, lighting system with Fresnel and profile spotlights as well as moving lights, …
The MuTh is equipped for concerts, theater, dance, musicals, films, competitions, panel discussions, presentations, as well as conferences and trade fairs.

If you would like to know more about our equipment, we recommend coming for an informal visit!

For further information and price inquiries, please contact Prof. Elke Hesse, Director of MuTh, email:
We look forward to hearing from you!