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Friday Afternoon


The Vienna Boys' Choir – Together

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head. Our enemy is unimaginably tiny. Yet it can only be overcome by working together. The Vienna Boys’ Choir have tracked down songs which tell of solidarity, bring us hope and encouragement, and remind us of the power of music. Popular favourites such as La Paloma and Dona dona have also been included. These are songs which have travelled a long way; this is music with a history of migration. People all over the world know and love these songs, and sing them with the same mission in mind: standing together.

The programme starts with a piece about a choral rehearsal. Before they can really sing together, the singers must come together. Our journey begins with an early morning work song, the Banana Boat Song. From the Caribbean we travel eastwards, following the sun, over Europe, and then down across Asia to New Zealand. The programme ends with “Wellerman”, the sea shanty which has captured the feeling of the pandemic, as it describes the yearning felt by a ship’s crew waiting for a supply vessel to arrive. The Choir bid farewell to their audience with Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”.

LIEDER AUS DER GANZEN WELT, die Zusammenhalt, Hoffnung und Mut geben.

Wiener Sängerknaben Chor
Oliver Stech Kapellmeister
Gerald Wirth Künstlerische Leitung
Friday Afternoon
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