SU 12.
11:00 AM
Wiener Kindertheater


By Carlo Goldoni, in an adaptation created for the Wiener Kindertheater

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We’re off to the lagoon! In 1761 Carlo Goldoni published a comedy written in the Venetian dialect entitled “Le baruffe chiozzotte”. Even now – 260 years later – it is a firm fixture in theatrical literature. And rightly so, say the Wiener Kindertheater ensemble! In this piece Goldoni takes his audience to a street by the harbour in the fishing village of Chiozza (modern-day Chioggia), which lies on the south side of the Venetian lagoon.

The wives sit in front of their houses, gossiping as they repair fishing nets. They talk about their husbands and fiancés, who all work as fishermen. The only other person present is Toffolo, who owns the boats. His true love is Checca. But, just for fun, he starts to flatter Lucietta, Titta Nane’s fiancée. Naturally enough, this causes uproar among the women. The dispute soon gets out of hand, and ends up in court. Toffolo immediately brings charges against everybody with whom he has a quarrel. It is up to Isidoro, Adjunct of the Court Chancellor, to find a way to reconcile everybody …and the process is highly entertaining!

Sylvia Rotter Intendanz
Ida Pammer Produktion
Sibylle C. Gaier Dramaturgie
Sylvia Rotter und Petrica Voicu Regie
Petra Maria Eder Kostüme
Eva Redtenbacher-Kohout Requisiten
Julia Meinx Musik
Es spielen über 100 Ensemblekinder des Wiener Kindertheaters in wechselnden Besetzungen
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  • Kinder und SchülerInnen | 20,00 €
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