SU 28.
6:00 PM
"Die weiße Krankheit"


by Karel Čapek | A production by “Virymo!” Theatre (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Literature | Play | Adults

The play “The White Disease” is one of the most important works by the writer and playwright Karel Čapek. He wrote it on the eve of the Second World War to warn of the rise of National Socialism and the conflict between democracy and the interests of power-hungry dictators.
For Čapek, the most significant threat to society stemmed from fanaticism, blind obedience, and unwavering faith in a leader. The author demonstrates the ease with which people can be instilled with fear and manipulated. “The White Disease” continues to grace theatre stages today, serving as evidence of its timeless relevance and topicality.

Performed in Ukrainian.

Presented by: “Centre for Ukrainian Initiatives” Association

„Die Weiße Krankheit“, Schauspiel von Karel Čapek

Dramatheater „Virymo!“ (Dnipro, Ukraine) Schauspiel
Volodymyr Petrenko Regie
Maria Pashkurova-Petrenko Künstlerische Leitung und Bühnenbild
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