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Concerts where even babies can join in

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The world of music is just waiting to be discovered. So we’re inviting the very, very youngest to come along and explore. And all the while they’re free to crawl about and gurgle away. To laugh and to listen. To sing, and to play, and to dance! Together with music educator Birgit Reithofer, we’ll use all our senses to explore the world of music, actually on the stage. Here’s a chance to let yourself go, and to hear the flute and the harp – and lots of other sounds as well – really, really close. Let’s explore the world of sound, and all make music together!

SUN 25th SEP 2022: The colourful world of sounds!

SUN 23rd OCT 2022: We’re off on a trip!

SUN 27th NOV 2022: Sun and Moon and Stars

FRI 23rd DEC 2022: Ring, bells, ring!

SUN 15th JAN 2023: Dance, penguin, dance!

SUN 12th FEB 2023: Today we’re celebrating!

Note: This event is held on the stage. Each child on the stage must be accompanied by an adult. Other accompanying adults can buy a ticket to watch from the auditorium.

Birgit Reithofer Konzept & Moderation
Ensemble Flöte / Harfe
* Sold out
Ticket prices:
  • Bühnenticket 1 Erwachsener + 1 Kind | 22,00 €
  • Saalticket für weitere Familienmitglieder | 9,00 €
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