TU 13.
1:30 PM
Ensemble Crossmopolitans


Latin Classical Crossover

Chamber music | World Music | Classic | Concert | Adults

The Crossmopolitan ensemble is the product of an idea: blurring the boundaries between classical and popular music, and bringing the two genres together. The three musicians involved all hail from South America, and each of them received a first class education in Vienna. Already well established in the musical world, they came together with a shared enthusiasm for creating fresh new arrangements. As an example, they reinterpret masterpieces from the classical repertoire, allowing other genres – the music of their homelands, folk music, and modern music – to influence and infiltrate. This results in the creation of exciting new pieces. Classical and Latin American ingredients fused into a sophisticated gourmet experience.

Presented by: Verein Kulturmittag

Alejandro Loguercio Violine
Jonathan Bolivar Gitarre
Luis Ribeiro Perkussion
Ticket prices:
  • Einheitspreis | 18,00 €
  • Senior:innen | 15,00 €
  • Junges MuTh bis 26 Jahre | 10,00 €
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