SA 26.
3:00 PM
Mamma Papa Mia


Concert and singalong for mothers-to-be and their partners

Chamber music | Choral music | Concert | Education | 0-3 | Family | Parent & baby

Singing together strengthens connections. It builds trust, and it has a calming effect. Unborn babies can hear and feel it when their mothers sing. The sound is transmitted in various ways, including through the mother’s pelvic bones into the amniotic fluid. So the baby has its first musical experiences while it is still in its mother’s body — and what could possibly be finer for a baby than hearing their own mother sing? Singing teacher Giti Huber understands this perfectly. She has years of experience working with mothers-to-be and first-time singers, as well as leading the “I can’t sing” choir. Over the course of these Mamma Papa Mia sessions, parents-to-be learn cradle songs from all kinds of sources, among them Mozart, Lalelu, and Latin American folk music. The programme also includes modern songs which are ideal when you want to bathe, comfort or entertain baby. After the sing-song you can relax and enjoy a short concert with lots of variety.

Musik von MOZART, RAVEL, PIAZZOLLA bis Techno, Volksmusik aus Lateinamerika bis Russland, von Lalelu bis Lieder zum Baden, Trösten und Kitzeln

Giti Huber Gesang, Leitung
Nicole Henter Flöte
Thomas Prem Klarinette
Mennan Bërveniku Klavier
Duo :
Nicole Henter Flöte
Julia Kräuter Harfe
Ticket prices:
  • für ein Kind und eine/n Erwachsene/n | 22,00 €
  • je weitere/s Kind oder Familienmitglied | 9,00 €
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