FR 06.
3:00 PM
Max und die Zaubertrommel


The shopping fiasco miracle

Opera | Concert | 6+ | Children | Family | School, primary level

Max doesn’t find the weekly shopping trip with his parents very exciting. He often gets bored. Until one day a bric-a-brac dealer gives him a present: a drum. But this is no ordinary drum; it’s a drum full of secrets, and it leads him into the magical world of sounds. But Max is not the only one who likes these sounds. König Gier (King Greed) covets them, so he sends three witches to steal these glorious, colourful songs. This makes the world turn grey. And the world falls silent. There is just one colour which manages to escape. With the colour red at his side, Max tries to make the world a multi-coloured place once more. But will he succeed?

Musical von GERHARD A. MAYER, Bearbeitet für die VS der Wiener Sängerknaben von Markus Semelliker, Anna Kargl, Kirlianit Cortes

Elevenchor der Wiener Sängerknaben Chor
Kirlianit Cortes Musikalische Leitung
Max und die Zaubertrommel
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