TU 16.
10:00 AM
Musik und Bewegung


CLOSE UP on new music – curated by Irene Suchy

New music | Out of the ordinary | Concert | Education | 8+ | Adults | School, secondary level

What has music got to do with health?

The link between music and health forms the central theme of this concert, which takes place in MuTh as part of the “Close up on new music” series. This production also celebrates this year’s fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Institute for Music and Health at the mdw – the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna. Once a year the mdw holds a “health day”, on which students measure their step count. Other events include relaxation workshops with origami, and a healthy buffet is also on offer. As part of the anniversary celebrations, Coretta Kurth, a representative of the Institute, will take part in an explanatory dialogue. Her focus is on promoting health, a topic which is not only relevant for musicians, but important for us all.

Albert Sassmann Klavier
Jutta Goldgruber und ihre Studierenden an der mdw Rhythmik
Ticket prices:
  • SchülerInnen | 6,00 €
  • zwei Begleitpersonen pro Grupppe frei
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