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When the concert halls were closed due to Covid, KS Michael Schade set up a “music salon”, with the aim of giving young artists the chance to perform in a small-scale setting. “The idea is still the same!” says the world-renowned tenor. In his latest series of concerts at MuTh, he invites young professional artists to take part in his “salon”. Schade holds masterclasses, sings, and acts as moderator. He leads his students and the audience toward an awareness of the romanticism of silence; he guides them through a musical exploration of Great Britain; he makes their hearts beat faster with Brahms’ Liebeslieder-Walzer ("Love Song Waltzes”); and, in the final concert, he creates the relaxed mood of a Vienna wine tavern on a balmy summer’s day. This is a series which feeds not just the soul, but also the body. Each salon includes a serving of delicacies appropriate to the occasion!
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SA 25.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Lieder & singing | Classic
| Concert
Michael Schade is well-known for his appearances in concerts and opera around the world. In addition to his performing career, Schade is a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (mdw), where he passes on his extensive knowledge and experience to his young musical colleagues. This evening the MuTh audience has the rare and exciting opportunity to watch him in a masterclass with his students. The programme features Brahms’ wonderful Liebeslieder-Walzer (Love-song Waltzes). Meanwhile, outside in the Augarten, a feeling of Spring is in the air.
FR 02.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Lieder & singing | Classic
| Concert
Down at the wine tavern they’re serving a pleasing new young wine. But it’s not just the wine that’s young: there are some young musicians there too. Michael Schade, well-known as a Viennese song enthusiast, has invited some of his young colleagues to join us. With Shira Patchornik, winner of the coveted Innsbruck Cesti-Preize, and a new ensemble, which has been put together by Peter Uhler, the RSO member and Vienna winemaker, the sound of Schrammel violins fills the air. Naturally enough, there is a wine tasting as well. And the cheery voices of tavern guests in the background!
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