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A cycle for all ages, with something for everybody  With people, I am not interested in the value of their laws, but rather their creative capacity”, remarked Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But it’s not only his wise Little Prince who can override the law. The theatre can do it too! Like when the Vienna Boys' Choir make magic through the night with Puck and his elves - in the middle of the afternoon. Suddenly a giant octopus waddles in through the door on its tentacles, accompanied by the music of Mozart. So it’s not a surprise when a lively trout then sings Schubert. But then again: do we have to understand absolutely everything? “Lost in Translation”, arranged for string quartet and four dancers, might just show us the way.
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SA 13.
4:00 PM
Choral music | Vienna Boys' Choir
| Concert
6+ |
Children | Young people | Family | School, primary level

What goes on in the theatre at night-time? That’s what the Vienna Boys’ Choir want to know. So they set off with Puck, the Elven King’s court jester, on the search for pieces of nocturnal music, for elven choirs, the singing of witches, and magical spells. A mysterious, magical evening, which we promise will stay with you.

SA 19.
3:00 PM
Musical theatre
| Concert
4+ |
Children | Young people | Family | Kindergarten | School, primary level

What’s a giant octopus doing in a hotel room? What’s going on with this opera singer, having a mid-life crisis? The Salzburg Marionette Theatre present their acclaimed production “Pùnkitititi!”. Written for the 2020 Salzburg Mozart Week, it can now finally be seen in Vienna!

“This is a homage to Mozart’s tireless spirit of discovery, which combines humour, tension, opera, the imaginary world and real life”, says Florian Willeitner.

SA 05.
4:00 PM
Musical theatre | Vienna Boys' Choir
| Concert | Play
Concert | Play
6+ |
Children | Young people | Family | School, primary level

“We can only see properly with our hearts. Our eyes cannot see what is truly important.”  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince” has lost none of its power. And now this smash-hit children’s opera is back at MuTh!

SA 23.
4:00 PM
Chamber music | Dance
| Concert
8+ |
Children | Family | School, primary level | School, secondary level
Communication is a tricky business. What someone says is not necessarily what gets through. Especially if words are being translated into a different language. Meaning can go missing in the process. It can get “lost in translation”. With music by Elisabeth Naske, a string quartet and four dancers show just how diverse, multi-faceted and hilarious communication can be.
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