Musical journeys with schoolchildren from the Vienna Boys' Choir

For children aged four and above. Suitable for families, kindergarten groups, and school parties (children in their first year at school). This time it’s children who are making the music! Schoolchildren from the Vienna Boys' Choirs sing songs about travel, songs to dance to, songs of the seasons, and songs to join in with. And they want other children to join them on their musical journey. The luggage space is packed with instrument cases of every size. We mustn’t forget to bring them with us! The merry melodies of the wind instruments will breathe fresh air into the concert, as the string instruments tell mysterious tales for all those who have ears to listen. Each and every audience member, young or old, is invited to sing and dance, to listen, and to move around. Your travelling companions are two children from the choir, and your travel guide is Hanne. “Sing & Klang” is a concert cycle for a young audience. At its helm is the experienced concert educator Hanne Muthspiel-Payer
Cycle ticket prices:
  • Einheitspreis | 52,80 €
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