Oper, Weihnachtskonzert und die schönsten Chormelodien

For the Vienna Boys' Choir, there is a very big number attached to this jubilee season. It was in 1498 that Emperor Maximilian I moved his court and his music to Vienna. This is therefore considered the year when the world-famous Choir was born. So, to mark its 525th birthday, the famous institution has gifted itself a new opera production, in which the young choristers, directed by Douglas Fitch, set out in search of Mozart’s opera fragment “L’oca del Cairo”. This year also marks the 10th birthday of the MuTh theatre and concert hall, a place which has served as an artistic home for the Choir. The New Year Matinee, with the brilliant Janoska Ensemble, will soon get everyone into a celebratory mood. In keeping with a fine tradition, “Gute Hirten” (the Good Shepherds) sets a reflective tone for Christmas; and in their “Friday Afternoons”, the choristers will entertain and enthral their Viennese audience with the some of the most beautiful choral pieces from their 525-year history.
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7:00 PM
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Shepherds play an important part in the Christmas story; many have marvelled at their faith, their dignity and their constancy. And here at MuTh, “The Good Shepherds” Christmas concert has become a tradition for all the Vienna Boys Choir students. This year’s centrepiece is the rarely performed Dixit Dominus and Magnificat KV 186g (193), written by the 18-year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The concert closes with the Vienna Boys Choir, the Vienna Girls Choir, Chorus Juventus and Schubert-Akademie all performing together.
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11:00 AM
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In 2023 the Vienna Boys Choir is celebrating its 525th birthday. And to wish their audience all the very best in this special New Year, the Choir present a Sunday matinée. The music includes selections from the choir’s classical touring programme as well as, of course, a whole stream of Strausses. Among these is Josef Strauss’ French Polka Opus 281, “Heiterer Muth”, with a text based on Epicurus. With the marvellous players of the Janoska Ensemble performing as special guests, a wonderful atmosphere is guaranteed.
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One of the Vienna Boys Choirs goes delving into the life of Mozart. In the process they discover two incomplete works, which Mozart had decided not to finish. The music is heavenly, but the script – well, that’s a little disappointing. Suddenly they realise anyone can contribute something here - a look, or a gesture, or a joke. How did the Choir manage to turn all this into a finished piece? And what has an old opera got to do with the children of today? Come along to MuTh and find out! To celebrate their 525th birthday, the Vienna Boys Choir have decided to treat themselves and their audience to this new opera production. Directed by Doug Fitch, it is based on Mozart’s operatic fragment “L‘oca del Cairo”.
FR 28.
5:00 PM
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A group of 24 boys in sailor suits with their choirmaster - why are they known and loved by people all over the world? It’s because they demonstrate that music is the international language of human feelings. Over ten Fridays in their jubilee season, the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir show off their talents. With youthful energy and charm, they lead their audience on a journey through musical history, taking in not just Mozart, Schubert and Strauss, but World Music and Pop as well. There will also be a few stories from the past 525 years!
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