Oper, Weihnachtskonzert und die schönsten Chormelodien

For the Vienna Boys' Choir, there is a very big number attached to this jubilee season. It was in 1498 that Emperor Maximilian I moved his court and his music to Vienna. This is therefore considered the year when the world-famous Choir was born. So, to mark its 525th birthday, the famous institution has gifted itself a new opera production, in which the young choristers, directed by Douglas Fitch, set out in search of Mozart’s opera fragment “L’oca del Cairo”. This year also marks the 10th birthday of the MuTh theatre and concert hall, a place which has served as an artistic home for the Choir. The New Year Matinee, with the brilliant Janoska Ensemble, will soon get everyone into a celebratory mood. In keeping with a fine tradition, “Gute Hirten” (the Good Shepherds) sets a reflective tone for Christmas; and in their “Friday Afternoons”, the choristers will entertain and enthral their Viennese audience with the some of the most beautiful choral pieces from their 525-year history.
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TH 23.
7:00 PM
Opera | Choral music | Lieder & singing | Vienna Boys' Choir | Classic
| Concert
10+ |
Young people | Adults | School, secondary level
Purcells Oper von der tragischen Liebe zwischen Dido, der Königin von Karthago, und dem trojanischen Prinzen Aeneas entstand zwischen 1683 und 1688 – wahrscheinlich für den englischen Königshof. Dido liebt Aeneas, und Aeneas liebt Dido, aber Dido hat eine Feindin: Die Zauberin setzt mit ihren Hexen alles daran, einen Keil zwischen die beiden zu treiben. Ihr Ziel ist die Vernichtung von Dido und Karthago. Die Hexen, die große Freude an Zerstörung haben, pflegen einen ganz besonderen Gesangsstil: Der Chor spielt eine Hauptrolle im Stück.„Dido“ gilt als eine der bedeutendsten Opern des Barock. Der Chorus Juventus und seine Solist:innen zeigen eine halbszenische Aufführung.
FR 28.
5:00 PM
Choral music | Vienna Boys' Choir
| Concert
Children | Young people | Adults
A group of 24 boys in sailor suits with their choirmaster - why are they known and loved by people all over the world? It’s because they demonstrate that music is the international language of human feelings. Over ten Fridays in their jubilee season, the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir show off their talents. With youthful energy and charm, they lead their audience on a journey through musical history, taking in not just Mozart, Schubert and Strauss, but World Music and Pop as well. There will also be a few stories from the past 525 years!
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