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4th-year students from the MUK course in Contemporary and Classical Dance

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The MUK’s dance courses focus on developing students’ all-round dance skills, their stylistic flexibility, and their artistic and creative independence. For MUK graduates, this helps opens up a broad and diverse range of professional opportunities in the contemporary dance field. Now, at the completion of their course, this year’s graduates from the MUK’s Contemporary and Classical Dance degree course perform an evening of contemporary choreography. ARTICULATION is a performance comprised of several sections, a format which allows the dancers to demonstrate their artistic versatility. The four pieces were conceived by MUK teachers Esther Balfe and Manfred Aichinger in conjunction with Veza Maria Fernadez and Andrej Petrovic, both of whom are working with the MUK dance course for the first time. The pieces were then developed and rehearsed with the dancers in a collaborative process. With Alba Glatz, Sophie Hofmann, Su Huber, Anna Jablonski, Paul Kraml, Esther Lottes, Betty Pester, Elia Zahnd and Anna Zesakes.

Presented by: Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK)

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