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Piano improvisation and string quartet notation

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In the fourth instalment of the “CLOSE UP Musik nah und neu” series, a distinctive blend unfolds, featuring spontaneous piano improvisation alongside meticulously notated string quartet compositions performed by the Chaos String Quartet and virtuoso pianist Martin Listabarth.

The stage comes alive with the resonant notes of Martin Listabarth’s piano pieces, followed by György Kurtag’s “12 Mikroludien der Stadt Witten gewidmet” and Ligeti’s “Metamorphoses nocturnes.” Listabarth’s own composition for string quartet and piano forms a creative highlight, while his improvisations with interaction actively involve the audience.

This interaction is a real high point of the concert. At the outset, words are gathered and later drawn upon, serving as inspiration for the Chaos String Quartet, which spontaneously weaves these words into stories or integrates them into the musical performance. This unique and creative partnership invites the audience to actively participate in the artistic process.

Simultaneously, the performance delves into fundamental questions of musical composition, exploring the essence of a musical piece. From its inception and conclusion to the intricacies of motifs, themes, recognizability, escalation, and dynamics.

The Dancing Star promises not only outstanding musical performances, but also an interactive experience in which the boundaries between artists and audience become blurred.

This project has been made possible by funding from the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, and from the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.
We appreciate their support!

MARTIN LISTABARTH Calafati´s Caroussel für Klavier Solo

GYÖRGY KURTÁG Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervánszky, Op. 28

GYÖRGY KURTÁG Eine Auswahl aus Metamorphoses nocturnes: mit improvisierten Zwischenspielen von Martin Listabarth

MARTIN LISTABARTH The Hand of God – Uraufführung – Komposition für Streichquartett und Klavier, gewidmet Diego Maradona und seiner starken linken Hand


Chaos String Quartett
Martin Listabarth Klavier und Arrangement
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  • zwei Begleitpersonen pro Gruppe gratis
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