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Christmas with the Vienna Boys Choir

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Shepherds play an important part in the Christmas story. They may have been just “simple folk”, but they were the first to hear of the birth of Jesus. Many songs tell their story: how they were lying in the fields when they saw the angel; how they were afraid at first, then overcame their fear; and how they made their way to the stable in Bethlehem, where they found the baby Jesus, and they rejoiced. The shepherds in the Bible represent all mankind. Each and every one of us can and should identify with them.

The Good Shepherds have become a Christmas tradition here at MuTh. The Vienna Boys’ Choir perform music of many kinds, and come together with their audience to celebrate Christmas as one big family. The audience can join in too, of course: whoever wants to can sing along with that wonderful classic “Silent Night”. And that’s how a single concert becomes a festival of music for all the family.

Wiener Sängerknaben Chor
Chorus Juventus Chor
Schubert-Akademie Orchester
Gerald Wirth Künstlerische Leitung
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