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On Connection

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In their book “On Connection”, Kae Tempest describes the constantly magical transformation of space through the connection between artist and audience. In alignment with George Lewis’s perspective on his piece “As We May Feel,” where the “associative assemblage only fully unfolds in the encounter with the listener, whereby the activity of listening and that of composing flow into one another,” and Wolfgang Mitterer’s concept of “musical temperature” capturing the enchantment of music-making, Tempest consistently circles back to the self-contained connection that creators and recipients forge.

Much like a welcome culinary treat from the kitchen, our version represents an ear-opening introduction, where we extend a direct invitation to interested audience members to join us in anticipation of each concert.
In less than an hour, we swiftly navigate through the thrilling highlights of the upcoming programme, allowing our visitors to actively engage in this unique listening experience right in the midst of the ensemble. Start: 18:15 (free admission).

Biglietto sospeso – The Soliticket
Inspired by the wonderful Neapolitan tradition of caffè sospeso, where the buyer of a cup of coffee financially supports the cup of an unknown fellow customer in a gesture of solidarity, we present the Biglietto sospeso for the concerts in the YOU BETTER LISTEN! series. It’s essentially a one-for-two deal!

George Lewis – As We May Feel (2017)

Wolfgang Mitterer – TRÄNENBLIND (2024|UA)

Studio Dan Ensemble
Wolfgang Mitterer Klavier, Keys
Ticket prices:
  • Einheitspreis | 28,00 €
  • 18-26 Jahre (Junges MuTh) | 18,00 €
  • Kinder/Jugendliche unter 18 („bring your parents“) gratis
  • Solitickets möglich!
Included in the following subscription tickets:
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