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Was nach einer leicht unwirschen Aufforderung zum endlich mal Herhören klingt, ist als herzlichste Einladung zum einander Zuhören, gemeinsamen An- und genauen Hinhören zu verstehen. Das alles, um zwischenzeitlich Kopf und Gemüt in andere Sphären zu befördern, sich mit sich und anderen zu verbinden, im Resonanzraum kollektiver Transformation zu schwingen. So stellen wir uns das jedenfalls vor, wenn wir mit unserer dreiteiligen Konzertreihe im MuTh die musikalische Gegenwart in unser aller Gegenwart holen.
Der akustisch exzellente Saal des MuTh erlaubt es uns, ganz besondere Programme zu präsentieren: Großformatiges, Elektronisches, Grenzüberschreitendes. International herausragende Komponist:innen schreiben uns zu diesem Zwecke Musik auf den Leib.


Cycle ticket prices:
  • Einheitspreis | 67,20 €
  • 18-26 Jahre | 43,20 €
  • Kinder/Jugendliche unter 18 Jahre ("bring your Parents") gratis
TH 26.
7:30 PM
New music
| Concert
Artworks, particularly musical compositions in our context, frequently acquire a unique potency when their creation follows an unconventional path, incorporating elements that supposedly should not be combined in a certain way, or when they challenge established canonical norms through rule-breaking. The tension that can emerge in this way often finds release in joyful discoveries and new insights, prompting reflection on both oneself and the world, or at least give rise to intriguing questions. With music by composer Sonja Mutić and Oliver Johnson, known in the club music sphere as Dorian Concept, we aim to fulfil this promise and leave the audience with compelling questions lingering in the air at the conclusion of our inaugural concert series.   Amuse-Gueule Much like a welcome culinary treat from the kitchen, our version represents an ear-opening introduction, where we extend a direct invitation to interested audience members to join us in anticipation of each concert. In less than an hour, we swiftly navigate through the thrilling highlights of the upcoming programme, allowing our visitors to actively engage in this unique listening experience right in the midst of the ensemble. Starts at 18:15 (free admission). Biglietto sospeso – The Soliticket Inspired by the wonderful Neapolitan tradition of caffè sospeso, where the buyer of a cup of coffee financially supports the cup of an unknown fellow customer in a gesture of solidarity, we present the Biglietto sospeso for the concerts in the YOU BETTER LISTEN! series. It’s essentially a one-for-two deal!
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