Wiener Sängerknaben im MuTh, Foto: Lukas Beck


"MuTh has become a second home for us. And a privilege: here we rehearse, here we perform classical concerts – and here we create new things, with and for our audience, for you. Music happens here," says Gerald Wirth, the Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys' Choir. From the many wonderful concerts and productions that emerge in the institutions of the Vienna Boys' Choir Campus, we have assembled four highlights into a series that showcases the full range and great talent of these young performers.
Cycle ticket prices:
  • Kategorie A | 143,20 €
  • Kategorie B | 129,60 €
  • Kategorie C | 114,40 €
  • Loge | 201,60 €
  • Junges MuTh bis 26 Jahre
  • Kategorie A | 74,40 €
  • Kategorie B | 62,40 €
  • Kategorie C | 48,00 €
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    Junges MuTh

    für alle unter 26

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