Zyklus Kammermusik im MuTh 2023/24, Maria Radutu, Foto: Moritz Schell


Bright composer stars are shining. Composer souls resonate in both dark and joyful tones, offering retrospectives or looking forward. Neglected female masters of music raise their voices: The new chamber music cycle at MuTh sharpens the listening senses and invites you on a journey into the unfathomable and fascinating realms of chamber music.
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  • Kategorie C | 67,20 €
TH 25.
7:30 PM
Chamber music
| Concert
Beethoven’s Op. 11 trio was originally written for clarinet, cello and piano; but, to ensure its popularity with amateur players, he also arranged a version in which violin replaced clarinet. It was a big hit in its day, a true “Gassenhauer”, not least because, in its final movement, Beethoven employed multiple variations of a theme by Joseph Weigl which was already extremely popular. Neither of the two other works on this evening’s programme are a Gassenhauer – or at least, not yet. But both pieces contain wonderful music and are well worth discovering. We hear the piano trio by Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979), a British viola player and composer, who is as yet very little known in these parts.  A romantic retrospective in D minor by Anton Arensky (1861-1906) brings the evening to a close.
TU 11.
7:30 PM
Chamber music
| Concert
The music of Johann Sebastian Bach blends emotionality, strictness and clarity, and is distinguished by its absolute timelessness. No musician can escape encountering this central star in the firmament of composers during their training. Some of Bach's three-part inventions in a string trio arrangement are followed by two masterpieces from later centuries, by Ravel and Tchaikovsky, to illustrate what has been learned thanks to Bach.
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